Gourmet Bag Lunch

Includes a gourmet sandwich (choices below), a dessert square, and a piece of whole fresh fruit.

Minimum of 9 to order.

Black Forest Ham
$11.50 each
Corned Beef
$11.50 each
Roast Sirloin Beef
$11.50 each
Albacore Tuna
$11.50 each
Smoked Turkey
$11.50 each
Good Nature Vegetarian (V)
$11.50 each
Bundle options

Gluten-free items requested

Vegan items requested

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Includes: a gourmet sandwich (see below), a gourmet cookie, and a piece of whole fresh fruit.

– Black Forest Ham | emmental, tomato, mustard, montreal light rye
– Corned Beef | emmental, russian mayo, montreal light rye
– Roast Sirloin Beef | cheddar, tomato, bistro sauce, 9-grain ciabatta
– Albacore Tuna | celery, herbed dressing, san francisco sourdough
– Good Nature Vegetarian | monterey jack, sprouts, cucumber, tomato, guacamole, natural 8-grain bread (V)
– Smoked Turkey | havarti cheese, tomato, cranberry orange spread, NY potato bread

All sandwiches dressed with green leaf lettuce. Choose a minimum combination of 9 bag lunches.