Han Dynasty | Tofu Asian Stir-Fry


Seasoned bites of tofu with vegetables julienne in a tangy sauce, served with side salad (choices below) and over fried rice or rice noodles (Vegan).

Minimum of 1 when ordered in conjunction with another hot meal. Minimum of 12 when ordered alone.

Gluten-free items requested


Your Hot Lunch includes:
– Seasoned bites of tofu stir-fried with vegetables julienne in a tangy sauce (Vegan)
– Choice of side salad (choices available)
– Choice of fried rice or rice noodles (see below)
– Eco-friendly disposable plates, cutlery and napkins

Choice of starch:
– Rice Noodle (GF)
– Fried Rice (GF)


Hot items are subject to an 18% service and set up charge, which includes:

  • Chaffing dishes with sterno fuels
  • Serving utensils
  • Linen for buffet table (available upon request)
  • Set-up and drop-off

China, cutlery, linen roll ups and waitstaff are available for an additional charge.