Rustic Cocktail Buns


An assortment of cocktail buns with a variety of delicious fillings.

Minimum of 9 to order.

Gluten-free items requested

Vegetarian items requested

Vegan items requested


The Rustic Cocktail Buns meal includes an assortment of cocktail buns with the following fillings:
– Prosciutto
– Roast Sirloin Beef
– Smoked Salmon
– Danish Brie Cheese (V)
– Black Forest Ham and Swiss Emmental
– Albacore Tuna
– Good Nature Vegetarian (V)
– Smoked Turkey
– Deli Egg (V)

All buns are garnished with fresh vegetables and sliced cheese.

Ingredients may contain dairy or pork. Gluten-free bread or vegan options available upon request. 2 cocktail buns each.